• 4 wheel mechanum drive for advanced maneuverability and omni directional movement 

  • Powered by 4 AndyMark 2.5'' CIM Motors


  • Plastic container to hold about 10 balls

  • miniCIM motor with small metal sheets to agitate the balls to feed into the shooter.


  • Round path for ball to ride on and then shoot 

  • Curved at a perfect circle for accurate shooting into high efficiency boiler

Gear Collector and Placer

  • Passive collector and placer to assist driver

  • Bent front intake ramp to allow for easy gear intake

  • Gap at middle of gear container so it can be inserted into the peg and pulled upward


  • Winch powered by CIM motor

  • Small screw on winch to grab loop on the rope

  • Velcro on both rope and winch to allow for easy rope collection. 


  •  Sensors: Ultrasonic Range Finder; Optical Encoders; Camera feed. 

  • Jetson Graphics Card programmed but not used