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Name: BB-R8ER

Weight: 85 lbs.

Size: 38.5in X 27.5in X 37in

Top Speed: 45 mph


  • 6 wheel drive for advanced maneuverability and speed

  • Powered by 4 AndyMark 2.5'' CIM Motors

  • Belt system for consistent wheel speed and increased torque


  • Powered by a Servocity 2500N Linear Actuator for powerful and controlled lifting

  • Gear ratio- 5:1

  • Aluminum 6 bar lift system for stability


  • 2 pick up points for Totes and Recycling Containers

  • Curved for easy grabbing

  • Aluminum backplate for support


  • Programmed using Java

  • Optimized code for quick response time

  • Programmed for (1) autonomous code for different starting positions



Organized efficiently for ease of work and replacement

  • Clear Acrylic cover for protection

  • Power distribution module for stable and controlled power

  • Genesis 12V Battery


Robot Abilities

  • (1) autonomous code for different starting positions

  • Picks up Totes and Recycling Containers quickly and efficiently.

  • Highly maneuverable and fast

  • Sturdy Structure