Stronghold's main theme is medieval. Robots have to cross defenses (obstacles) and pick up and shoot boulders into the castle. One of Stronghold's main focuses is in alliance and team collaboration.

Quick Breakdown

The playing field is divided into red and blue alliance sections, separated by a neutral zone that contains boulders. Each section contains a courtyard, an area for opposing teams to shoot boulders at the castle goals, a "secret passage" that allows human players to feed boulders to their robots from the human player station, the "outer works", and the tower.

Length: Autonomous Period – 15 sec, Teleop Period- 2:15 min

Alliances: 2 Alliances, 3 teams each

Scoring ElementsBoulders and crossing defenses

Point Values: Teleop

  • Crossing a Defense – 5 per defense

  • Boulder in a low tower goal – 2 per boulder

  • Boulder in a high goal tower – 5 per boulder

  • Challenging the tower – 5 per robot

  • Scaling the tower – 15 per robot