Steamwork's main theme is steampunk. Robots have to pick up gears to spin rotors, pick up fuel to power the airship and get ready for flight by climbing a rope. 

Quick Breakdown

The playing field is divided into red and blue alliance sections,  Each section has a neutral zone that contains no major scoring elements. Each side of the arena is called a launchpad that is alliance specific. In each launchpad there is a boiler where fuel is shot into, a hopper where fuel is collected and an airship where the gears are placed and robots climb. Alliances also have gear and fuel retrieval zones on their opponents side of the field. 

Length: Autonomous Period- 15 sec, Teleop Period- 2:15 min

Alliances: 2 Alliances, 3 teams each

Scoring ElementsGears, rope and fuel.

Point Values: Teleop

  • 3 fuel in a high efficiency goal – 1 match point and 1 kPa

  • 9 fuel in low efficiency goal – 1 match point and 1 kPa

  • Rotor turning – 40 match points

  • Ready for takeoff – 50 match points