Community Service

Our team has many plans for FIRST to grow at Gulliver for years to come. One of the projects is Gulliver Reaching Out Worldwide (G.R.O.W.), a community based effort to help developing nations with clean water and energy needs. Another project is Operation Recycle/Refurbish, a project in the computer science department whose goal is to refurbish used computers and send them to schools in the U.S. who have financially disadvantaged students. The girls in the Future Society of Women Engineers (FSWE) club at Gulliver are in contact with Gulliver Academy and are trying to introduce the students there to robotics. The girls in FSWE have also created a program to tutor kids in the middle school.

Lastly, there is a community service project underway called Engaging Community through Robotics (ECR). This project intends to create a sustainable robotics program in inner cities so the students living there can experience robotics and learn valuable skills and knowledge that will help them in the future. Students in these schools do not have many opportunities in Engineering, so our team held an after school week long workshop and helped the students learn about and create their very own robots. At the end of the workshop, the students were allowed to keep the robots that they made as well as various tools and parts that they could use to compete in the next VEX competition on their own. Our team plans to continue this project annually so that the new students can learn more and continue robotics on their own.

In order to spread the FIRST message around our school, our team also plans to introduce the project during pep-rallies and other school events, as well as engaging teachers from other departments such as English and Business.