FRC 2015 Game: Recycle Rush


Recycle Rush’s main theme is Recycling. Robots have to stack gray and yellow totes on top of each other in scoring zones to score points, and can stack recycling containers and litter (pool noodles) on top of those stacks to gain even more points. One of Recycle Rush’s main focuses is in alliance and team collaboration. 

Quick Breakdown

Recycle Rush is all about recycling and team collaboration. One Main feature of this competition is that there is a large wall in the center of the field, preventing both alliances from interacting apart from coopertition points (Pg.20, Section, and encouraging teamwork within alliances. This is just a quick breakdown of a few rules in the game. Be sure to read all of the game manual for a more detailed explanation.


Length: Autonomous Period- 15 sec, Teleop Period (Pg. 21, Section 2:15 min

Alliances: 2 Alliances, 3 teams each

Scoring Elements(Pg. 21): Grey Totes, Yellow Totes, Recycling Containers, Litter

General Description: Robots must stack Totes, place Recycling Containers on top, and place litter inside Recycling Containers to score points.

Point Values: Teleop

  • Scored Gray TOTE – 2 per Tote

  • Scored Recycling Container – 4 per Level

  • Litter Scored In/On Recycling Container – 6 per Recycling Container

  • Litter Scored in a Landfill Zone – 1 per Litter

  • Unprocessed Litter Bonus – 4 per Litter

  • Coopertition Set – 20 for each Alliance

  • Coopertition Stack – 40 for each Alliance